WTS - PS3 Black TE S Fight Stick with Black Arthong Plexi. Price Drop


I’m willing to let this PS3 TE S Fight Stick go at $95 shipped. It has an Arthong Plexi with markings for the buttons. It is lightly used. PM me if interested. Thanks!


I think I PM’d. First time on the site. :stuck_out_tongue:


this case is pending.


I’ll get the case if you still have it


thanks for your interest. i’ll let you know by tomorrow night.


scratch that. SOLD. thanks, yall.


If you decide to sell your other mini let me know


I would like to say I have just received the case and I’m very satisfied. Thank you Charm.


glad to hear it! i love the case, too. hopefully art will re-release the mini.


Price dropped to $95 shipped.


That black plexi panel is sharp, makes me want one for my te.