Wts: ps3 bundle / 360 te stick


local pickups welcome!!
paypal only!!!

40gb ps3 bundle/hdmi cable/remote/5blueray movies $240 [COLOR=red]sold[/COLOR]
xbox 360 te stick $125(shipped)

xbox 360 pro bundle w/ headset (no controller) +(blazblue le sold) $110 sold
1gb mp3 player $13 on hold(jibbo)
mario kart ds (no sticker) $13

hori ex2 case $24 sold

1600 microsoft points $16 [COLOR=red]sold[/COLOR]
red sanwa obsn x5 ( 1 screw) $14
green sanwa obsf x1 $2
green sanwa jlf ball top $4
sanwa jlf microswitches x4 $10
matsushita microswitches $6
sanwa jlf mounting plate $4


For what console?


they are for 360


Hehe I saw that ninja title edit!


:china: lol


hot stuff you know u want one


buy buy buy!!!


price drop


lol, if you ever drop to $40.00 hit me up :smiley:


check pm


Payment sent!



These both sold?


biggest sale on srk!!!


Does the mp3 player have voice record on it and does it work well? If so, hold that for me. :wgrin:


pm’ed regarding ms points.


SHipping included?


why yes it does good sir, its a decent mp3 ill also throw in the convertor tool so you can convert videos into the compatible format for free. it works fine its just not as easy to navigate as an ipod thats all


everything exept the tv :wink:


does the ex2 case have the screws and mini pcbs for the top buttons?


if elementalor passes on the ms points card, i’ll buy it