WTS: PS3 Capcom HB & Steam Codes


Digital Codes for PayPal payment only.

Steam Codes

1x Scribblenauts Unlimited - $5
1x Garry’s Mod - $5

All PS3 codes for North and South American PSN accounts.

1x Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - $1
1x Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - $1
2x Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 - $1
2x Lost Planet 3 - $2
1x Remember Me - $3

Please PM and or post here if interested.

1x Puzzle Fighter HDR
1x Final Fight DI
1x Okami HD
1x Mega Man 9/10 Combo
2x DMC HD Collection
1x Batman AC: GOTY (Steam)


I’ll take Okami HD


I’ll take HD Remix (not puzzle)


Okami HD and one of ST HDR both on reserve.


Puzzle, Final Fight, & MM9+10 please!


On reserve.

I kept hitting wtf instead of quote by accident sorry. Lol


no resi 0?


I kept one for myself and gifted the other to family.


I’ll take DMC HD for $5 if you still have one.


Reserved one DMCHD for the above poster!

Edit: Sold!


Easy and fast transaction, thanks!


Unless the above post is updated, everything is still available.


Turns out I had leftover Steam codes, added!


Bumping as the codes are still available!


Bumping, codes still available.