WTS: PS3 controllers (blue and black) PS3 games!

PS3 Controllers:

1 x Blue Dualshock 3 - $25 shipped PENDING SALE
1 x Black Dualshock 3 - $30 shipped

PS3 GAMES: All prices include shipping!

Brutal Legend - $15


MadCatz SE PS3 Stick (full Sanwa) - local buyer
Dragon Age: Origins - local buyer

Just want to bump this since I actually have images of the laptop. Also, it’s a Dell Studio 1537 model.

Bump, price drop from $550+ship to $525+ship.

dam if mom wasent gonna already give me her laptop id pick this one up

Bump, price dropped from $525 to $500. Come on people, I need to move this thing!

Bump, price drop from $500 to $450.

Added a ton of PS3 games and two controllers, dropped laptop price to $425 SHIPPED.


Is the black PS3 sixaxis PCB good? Gotta spare Axisdapter that needs a friend for a new stick!

Yep, the PCB works just fine. Only problem is that the left thumbstick doesn’t return to center if you push it in the northwest corner, a common fault with these. Otherwise, it’s all good.

well, since I won’t be using the L3, that’s fine. Paypal coming

Bump, changed a lot of stuff here.