WTS: ps3 cthulhu and 360 TE pcb, EPSON 69 ink Cartridges

[SIZE=3]EPSON 69 ink Cartridges[/SIZE]

all brand new and they are compatible with the following printer or all in ones :CX5000, CX6000, CX7000F, CX7400, CX7450, CX8400, CX9400Fax, C120, NX100, 200, 300, 400, WorkForce 30, 40, 500, 600[FONT=Simsun]. (only based on my knowledge, I was using them with NX400, so do you research to make sure they work for your printer if you are interested).[/FONT]

black ones still packaged but I will likely to remove paper package to save space when mailing out them, they will be still sealed in the plastic bag though.

1 yellow, 1 magenta, 1cyan and 6 blacks (2 black ones not in the picture). $55 shipped to US48

[S]cthulhu $25 shipped to US48[/S] — Sold to T-Matt

[S]TE pcb rev-b $25 shipped to US48[/S] ------ Sold to Kid Kaos


te pcb on hold.

Added epson ink

how do you use the cthulu? I am kind of interested.

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basically connect all your buttons via on board terminals and wired QDs. I have most of them left there as you can see in the picture. then connect your JLF or other stick’s wire to the terminals. and at last connect the pcb to ps3 or PC via USB A to B cable.

there is also an official thread in Tech Talk:

price drop on the ink bundle. $50 shipped. i think it is a decent deal since 2 black ones cost around from $15-$20 these days.

So will it also be dual modded? Or are you supposed to attach it to an Xbox 360 pcb

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no, this is not a dual modded pcb. if you looking for dual mod, this one need to work with a 360 pcb and an imp pcb.

cthulhu pending.

both cthulhu and TE pcb sold