WTS: PS3 + extras 250$


Up for sale is a used PS3 80gb NOT backwards compatible fat PS3. The old model not the current slim one.

What is included with it is

Tekken 5 DR
Bomberman Ultra
Magic Ball
Bionic Commando Re-armed
Street Fighter 4
Rock band 2 + LOTS of dlc
Megaman 9
1 stock controller that came with it as well as an hdmi cable from Nyko.
Lots of Cross Edge DLC

I’m asking for 250$ shipped. Also I might even consider throwing in the SF4 TE stick that has been modded with an 8 way jly something something. I forget the model name. I still have the square gate as I can pack that in. Price would be a little bit higher if you would want the TE stick to go with it. I still even have the original packaging that the controller was stored in.The thing is in great condition but since it is used there are a few spots from dust that has gathered. I don’t touch it anymore as I’m to addicted to world of warcraft again and just play that and my Wii. I’m a gamer and keep my stuff like almost new.

I will not seperate the items. I also have the rockband 2 guitar, drumset, mic, and a logitech wireless guitar premier edition if anyone is interested in. Please note I would sell the rock band items separate.

I will ONLY accept paypal.


pm sent


Pm sent