WTS- PS3 headset, Rock Band Portable drums,

I’ve had these things 4sale for a while.
Sanwa JLW with circle gate (I have the wires to daisy chain this for use in custom boxes)- $20 shipped

HD Camera SOLD!to Strogg

Here is a Rock Band portable drum kit rarely used. This is a stock image from TRU.com. I have the box and everything. $25 bucks shipped

Suitcase stick sold to MVCplayer
Mirrored TE SOLD to ibeau!

SNIP ** QCF case SOLD!!!**

Official Sony wireless headset $35
PS3 Eye $35
360 HD-DVD player w/King Kong HD-DVD and remote $30 SOLD TO ZOMBIE SHOES!
Video card sold locally

The only things I would like/need besides PAYPAL/cash is;
Audio or Video software/hardware
ipod touch 16gb or higher
ZuneHD 16gb
Zune 16gb

Any Gift cards and for Xbox Live, PSN, Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop or Toysrus.

PM me with any questions. Can someone help me out?

Anyone interested? please… =(

i will trade u for the gutted SE.

What do you have to offer?

i have the brand new modded jlf with extra spring and clear seimitsu bubble top


bump. Added items.

Do those Alienware cases come with a mobo like the pics show?

Yes they do but they are old mobo’s. They have P4 processors on them and dvd roms. I have a 1gb stick of ram and a geforce 5200 card but those are seperate. $20 bucks for the ram and the graphics card together.

pm sent about alienwares.

^^^ PM replied. FYI, those alienware cases are heavy. If anyone wants them shipped, it would have to be extra because it would be expensive to ship.

Good Shit man! You can sell now! :smiley:
Trusted Seller! Very nice and reliable person!

updated with new items.

Bump this for a great person!

Thanks for the trade

Added stick of ram and video card.

Just wanted to say 4lefty is a great seller and person!

price drop on towers.

out of curiosity how much is the shipping for the towers? I’m speculating 30-40 in shipping alone. Unless those things are heavier than what I’m thinking.

The black one is tight BTW. About the only thing I like about alienware is the case.

I check already due to a previous inquiry. The cases are 28in top to bottom, 30in front to back and 10in wide. They weigh 35 lbs each. It would ship from 10017. I estimated about 100 bucks just for shipping one. That’s why I was trying to go local. The problem isn’t the weight, it’s more the size of the box it needs to ship in combined with the weight.