WTS: PS3 Hori SCV w/Crown lever, misc PCBs


-PS3 Hori SCV: has a JP mounted Crown from the 303 series I believe. I’m the second owner and the stick and it came with some flaws which are: a missing cable door with a piece cut out of the compartment as well as some deep scratches on surface of the stick. Overall in the right hands it could be a nice stick for Tekken - 60 shipped

-Hacked PS1 PCB that came from a stick -13 shipped

-Icade PCB -15 shipped


got any pictures?


I can take pics later tonight


Any pics for the svc chaos stick?


How much are you thinking on this?


12 dollars


I’m at school, I can post pics tonight




asking price for the svc chaos stick?


65 @LittleJimmy1983




yes, I’ll pm you


Interest check or selling? Change it please


bump for added description


have you sold the scv hori stick?


check your PMs @curtisense


lowered prices