WTS: PS3 Hori VLX New/Sealed

Been sitting on my closet shelf never opened and sealed. Japanese version but I don’t think there’s any difference between the US version. Box is in very good condition with no dents or tears. $450 shipped PayPal only or $400 cash pick up in NJ. Email me at conkhi143@gmail.com for any questions. Thanks!

This is too overpriced. Selling price in here is around $270-$300…you can research it.

If you can show me a new one for that price I’d be interested to see.

I am interested but the price is too expensive…Someone sold the like new mint Hori VLX Diamond (rare one) with Silent Button for $300 shipped, and this doesn’t have silent button installed and not the rare one…

And even the dual modded one is priced at $300 shipped:

not bad, i paid $400 for mine, i still have it sealed in the box but its for xbox. i only paid $300 for my blue ps3 hori vlx diamond, those are easy to find.

his asking price is reasonable, its brand new and sealed. these are the rare ones. you can easily find the vlx diamonds new. the red ones have been discontinued for over a year. that diamond isnt worth that much even with silent buttons, plus its been used. the other vlx you linked was used and even dual modded that price is fair. you can compare new with used.

The fact that it’s brand new and sealed will raise the price. For comparsion another SRK member was selling a sealed vlx for £300 whick converts to about 460 USD. [WTS - HORI REAL ARCADE Pro.3 PREMIUM VLX - New & Sealed

How about you either make an offer, or STFU. Stop shitting on this thread.