WTS: PS3 HRAP3 Custom, Blaze PS2 Twin Stick

All Prices include Fed-Ex Shipping with tracking

Only Trades I might consider is a Qanba Q4

Ok First up…

Madcatz Chun Li LTD fight Stick (SOLD)

Bought 2 of these when they came out. Took this one out of the box twice… maybe used a total of 10 or 20 mins.

Comes with original box.


Hori PS3 HRAP3 Custom Tekken Tag 2 Stick $140 Shipped

Sanwa JLF stick, all Rollie Buttons. Comes with original box.


Blaze Twin Stick PS2 (New/Unfinished Mod Project) $70 Shipped

I found this unopened/new condition from a local collector. Basically all I did was unsolder PCB and buttons and remove sticks… but other then that its in new condition. Just don’t have the time to finish this.

Includes all original parts. Comes with original box.


Might add more later…

That blaze twin is tempting… I dont have the cash now, n dunno when I will lol

The Chun Li is sold

price drop