WTS: PS3 Japanese Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition + XIV Beta Code

Up for sale is a copy of FFXIII Lightning Edition which is only available by purchasing the PS3 slim bundle.

The package is opened but everything is in excellent condition. $100 shipped in the US.

Also selling an unused FFXIV beta code for $20. Add 50 cents if you want the actual piece of paper with the code mailed to you.

PS: Even though both games are in Japanese only they will run on NA consoles without problems.

What’s different about the game?

From what I gather for the Final Fantasy XIV Code. It’s not a code to acquire a “Beta” version to the game, but merely a Voucher of sorts to use when the game comes out. To which you get a special item. D:

Sent you payment a while back. It’s been cleared. Sent you a few PMs. Please reply.

It shows you’ve logged in and just clearly ignored me.

Still no response. Has anyone else bought anything from ryu-bi? Or know who he is in person? Sent payment way over a week ago and have received no replies since.


I’m about to give up all faith in SRK Trading Outlet deals, getting scammed left and right.