WTS: PS3 Madcatz TE-S Stick & Ps3 60 gb version


Sup everybody, I’m trying to unload my used PS3 stick. Modifications are:

-new balltop (“bubble” balltop, looks nice)
-far right two buttons are plugged up by special inserts, if you want the original buttons I can throw them in)

Aside from mods it works just like it came out of the box, some slight wear and tear but nothing major.

Asking for $90 shipped. I’m located in the Los Angeles area so if you want to meet in person to get it I’m willing to lower price. Pictures available on request.


I’m also trying to sell my 60 gb PS3, non-backwards compatibility version. Has minor scratches on the casing from moving, but functions perfectly. Will have it set to factory settings before exchange, and includes controller + all necessary power cords.

I’m asking $110 for it, pictures available on request. I would prefer to deal locally on this (Los Angeles area) due to shipping costs.

Let me know dudes


do you have any pictures of the stick?


Bumping, added PS3 for sale.