WTS: PS3 MK9 PDP Stick (SOLD) & Hori FS3 modded (SOLD)

Used once and I don’t ever plan on bringing it to tournaments or anything so I’m selling it.


Thing is super heavy so I’d really like to get $140 shipped OBO

I’ve seen them go for more on ebay, but we shall see what happens here.



For a 150$ Stick you want 180$ 30% Profit off of a stick that’s going to be sold with different art sooner or later with MK Arcade Collection?

0% profit since they’re going for $150+ on ebay w/ $25-30 shipping; not to mention OBO

regardless, its a collector piece that plenty of people want; go troll another thread 09

Shipping costs are super expensive! I expect it to cost more than $30 to ship with tracking and packaging. That thing is very heavy!

exactly why $180 is fair nakadish :smiley:

i say you charge whatever the hell you want…people can’t tell you that you are overcharging for the stick…

thanks chuu; I agree completely especially due to the fact that this is a kollector’s stick

I have one and it’s one Kool Kollectors Stick…K

still for sale; had one offer, but guy backed out w/ rando excuse

Does it come with the game? Because if it did, then it would be 0% Profit.

and another new gen 10’ moron trolling the thread

do you know nothing about collector pieces. its still 0% profit w/o the game. this is going for 150++ on ebay before shipping costs w/o game; next troll gets a ban

I’d like to add it to my collection, but the price would have to come down some. No troll.

well I did list it as OBO(or best offer) I am willing to go lower. I will get a better estimate on shipping costs now(just gotta find the exact weight on this thing)

It will ship in original boxing + some extra bubble wrap padding as well as shipping wrap around the box

shipping is easily $30-40 on this beast

Is it still new in the box? Mint condition?

absolute mint condition; played on once for about 10 minutes. has original box and everything as well. took it out for picture and just to see how it feels; then went back to playing on my other stick

update: the original box comes w/ but does have a small tear in corner due to cat jumping into the box after I was unboxing.

I wasn’t trying to troll sorry you took it that way, I was just curious no need to be hateful guys.
I’m not a new gen player either, I have never played anything on then ST and HF/CE.

No idea what you mean?

I shipped one of these to Germany from Louisiana. Insured for $130, it cost me $76 to ship, slowest possible shipping, at USPS. Just as a reference.

…and, I agree with the price and the shipping charges. This thing is BIG and HEAVY and will cost a lot to ship. If people don’t like the price, then GTFO and don’t buy it. lol

offer still stands; had a $140 offer and it was fairly close so shipping was around $30…guy backed out w/ some lame excuse

I am still looking $180 shipped OR BEST OFFER. definitely willing to go lower for shorter shipping distances