WTS PS3 Modded SE w/ Sanwa Parts SOLD



1 SE sanwa stick
1 MC PCB (the cleaner)
1 JLF w/ octo, ball top, and wire harness (hecz)
8 Sanwa OBSN (necrospawn)

nvm sorry.

I’ll take one of those pcbs… Pm sent

Hey cleaner, you inbox is full


PM replied to cleaner and necr0spawn

updated some items

20 for ur jlf shipped :smiley: and before u say it. Shipping to puerto rico is same or cheaper than any US state.

no thanks, sorry, paid ~$35 for all that’s included, I don’t think I used it in any stick yet

price drop

ok i want the jlf now! it comes with metal plate right?

hecz, your inbox is full, but yes, JLF comes with metal mount plate, octo gate, wire harness, dustcover and white ball top


Came super fast! Nicely packed… Thanks!!

Modded SE added

price drop

Any pictures of the SE?

I’ll post when I get home from work

In on pics aswell

Picture Link added

Definitely interested, PM sent.

PMs replied