WTS: PS3/PC Mini Mas Stick **PICS**


Mini Mas Stick (PS3/PC) - Happ Competition Joystick w/ iL spring, Happ Competition Buttons, wired to a Toodles PS3/PC Cthulhu Board, all microswitches are cherry microswitches. Home Button is SELECT + START. Dimensions are 13.25" x 4" x 8.25" weight is about 10 pounds Selling for $100 SHIPPED to the US


Beatmania (US) Game with Controller Bundle (PS2) - This is for the PS2 but plays on a BC PS3 with a compatible PS2-PS3 adapter such as an inpin or pelican adapter. Need this gone, selling for Sold to Outkast

BNIB AirPort Express 802.11n WiFi Base Station (model #:MB321LL/A): Still in shrink-wrap. Works for both Mac and PC. Easily create a wireless network at home. Enjoy your iTunes music library in virtually any room of your house. Share a USB printer without obtrusive cables. And do it all with the latest wireless technology. SOLD to shadowzer0

Hava Platinum HD (Personal Video Recorder) - Lets you record from a set-top box or video game console. You are able to play in high definition and record it on your computer. Includes everything you need to hook up and start recording: (1)x Hava Platinum HD unit, (2)x Component Cables, (2x) Composite Cables, (1)x AC Adapter, (1)x Component Video Coupler, (1)x Audio Coupler, (1)x Installation Disk, and manual. Sample Video: [media=youtube]lXtS0C6S_zg[/media] (not my video). Selling for sold to blacksmaru

Custom Joystick Case (Black) - Made by fellow SRK member and carpenter/stick builder, piscemonkey. Dimensions: 11.75" x 2.75" x 9.5" Corners are angle-cut. Accommodates a Sanwa JLF Joystick and 30mm Buttons (Sanwa or Seimitsu screw/snap-ins). Includes top and bottom plexi. Button holes are in a Sega Astro City layout. Case accommodates (8) buttons, but only the first (6) are cut on the plexi. At the front and back of the case there are three recessed holes that takes 30mm pushbuttons (snap-in or screw-in) (butons in picture are not included). Buyer will receive a .PSD file with an art template for the joystick case. Selling for sold to Hente


AirPort Express sold to shadowzer0, thank you! Hava Platinum HD is on hold. Price Drop on Custom Stick Case.


thanx for the hold dude, i`ll get at ya later…


interested in beatmania, but i have the controller. any chance you separating the game from the controller?


sorry MegamanDS, not parting this out, unless someone here wants to buy the controller. I kind of want it both gone so yea.


Price drop on Beatmania bundle, someone please take this off my hands -_-


Well, don’t that Mini-MAS look familiar! Good luck with your sales Chrisz0r.

To any potential buyers, this guy’s legit! He was an excellent buyer when he purchased some goods from me and I can’t imagine he’d be any less awesome as a seller. Buy from this man people!


Thanks for the kind words Ikagi-chan!

price drop on mini mas stick. keep checking this thread because soon will be a namco stick for sale.


Pm sent


Price drop on mini-mas stick.


Price drop on mini-mas again, someone please buy this. Shoot me an offer if you like.


i wouldve bought it if it was 360. I’m surprised no one bought it yet. Maybe put ps3 in title


^you could easily hook it up to a 360 PCB if you wanted to since it’s not soldered. If this thing doesn’t go, I’m gonna have to go sell it on ebay.


i dont know how


Last price drop before this goes on ebay. Also debating if I should sell one of my namcos…


If I had the money I would definitely grab the MAS stick. Although I would probably prefer the plugs to be on the far right rather than left. Good luck with the sale Chris.


what’s the weight on the mas stick? Can you give me the overall dimensions? If they sound good I’ll scoop this one up tomorrow


Dimensions are 13.25" x 4" x 8.25" weight is about 10 pounds.

Added Dimensions and weight in first post. Will take pics again soon. Someone please buy this.


Added new pics, also added trade considerations.


I wouldn’t mind another beatmania controller. How much you planning on spending for the game?

Crisz0r, any tech I make you’d be interested in for trade?