Wts ps3 rpg's interest check on tales of vesperia


Don’t really want to sell but I need to first up is a package deal.
I have a hayabusa and white kuro buttons in minty condition…I have never used the buttons but the hayabusa has about 10 hours use on it. Looking for 50 shipped for these or of someone is interested in just hayabusa or buttons it would be 25 shipped a piece OBO.

I also have some rpg’s for ps3 for sale as well
Tales of graces f
Tales of Xillia
ff10 HD remastered
Tales of symphonia chronicles
Looking for 25 each obo

Or if someone wants all the ps3 rpg’s
I can do 85 shipped for them

And I also have a tales of vesperia for 360 as well…but a little hesitant to sell that one but I’d ask 35 shipped for it.

All shipping in the CONUS via Paypal please no low balling…pics will be up later or u can pm me and I can get you pics faster that way.


Updated OP willing to split haybusa and buttons…


Prices aren’t set…I am open to offers…just no low balling please.


Hayabusa,kuro buttons, tales of graces and tales of symphonia chronicles are sold… ff10 is on hold…only game left is tales of xillia…


Damn bro with the quickness


Indeed sir




FF10 HD remastered sold…tales of xillia still available…also… interest check for tales of vesperia for 360…if I do sell…would be for 35 as it’s a classic and a lil hard to find…especially in minty condition.


Beast seller here!
Great guy. Will buy from again :smiley:






Buttons and hayabusa sold back on 4/13…and no longer available…


Oh ok sorry I missed that post :frowning: