WTS PS3 SE stick with Sanwa Buttons

PS3 SE stick with Sanwa buttons and stock joystick. Never got around to switching the stick b/c they’re impossible to find atm. The stock stick is fine however and doesn’t appear to have the defect that a lot of the sticks have been having (I’ve used it a good amount too). I’ll ship it with the box and original buttons if you want. Let’s go with 90 dollars shipped.

I will buy that, if you ship to canada!

Edit: I can also pay right away if you do ship to Canada, if you can give the cost.

I’m interested!

I’ll buy. If you don’t ship to Canada. I can pay right away. I’m in CA.

Not sure if Puffy is around, I’ve pmed but no reply yet.

put me at the end of his line


=/. Damn

:frowning: missed out