WTS: PS3 SE with Sanwa Buttons, Saturn Pad

Ok, revising my for sale thread to account for my broken plexiglass. (SADFACE)

Saturn USB Pad:** $25 Shipped**

PS3 Madcatz SE with 6 Yellow/2 White Sanwa Buttons and Yellow Sanwa Balltop:** $60 Shipped**

Both are in absolutely great condition. SE comes in original box with all the trimmings.

Local pickup will lower the price for Cleveland area buyers.

Tekken 4 Joystick

got pics?

Hey, if you want to do $35 shipped for the PS3 SE, I’ll take it.

I’ll try to get pics up later, I don’t actually have a camera.

Also, absolutely not on the SE offer. Sorry man.


Pictures uploaded. Sorry for the crappy quality.


Your inbox is full.

What would shipping be to 34669 on the T4 stick?

Payment sent for Tekken 4 Stick

Received and shipped. The tracking number should be up on paypal shortly.

thx for posting pics. pm sent

Updated price of Saturn pad to include shipping.

Added MvC Artwork. Dual Modded TE on the way.

Is the MvC2 Artwork the metal panel? Or is it an art cutout?

It’s just the art cutout.

PM sent for Saturn pad!

Hey, got your PM. I’ve been pretty busy with work so I’ll get you set up on that asap.

pm sent for black meshball

Did you change your mind on selling the Saturn pad? Let me know. Thanks.

Sorry about the wait man. It’s good to go.

Bump. Added Sanwa modded SE.