WTS: PS3 Slim, DVDs, and the most random stuff ever + Nunchucks!

I have some random items (PS3 slim, DVDs, African mask, etc) up for auction on eBay HERE. If you see anything you might be interested in, we can work out a discounted deal offline. Pic of some of the items below. If you like to drink and play games while wearing a 4-foot African mask, you’ve found your one-stop shop.


And, to make things more strange, I have 2 pairs of Nunchaku for sale. I’m selling these as decorative pieces, not deadly weapons…which they are…

Black, studded hardwood (heavy, 12") $15 Shipped (on hold)


Natural rattan (light, 12") $15 Shipped
These are my favorite pair. Super fast.



edit: i mean, thats awesome and everything

but it still made me laugh

black barbarian chucks on hold

What is the condition of the Kurosawa dvds? How are the cases and is the Seven Samurai Criterion set, are all the dvds in there and in good condition?

Interested in the Natural rattan nunchucks, will paypal asap!

DVDs themselves are flawless, only the cases show some wear. No tears, cracks or rips, though.

Sent you a PM

did you already sell the slim? Don’t see it in the link.

no i took it off of ebay. still have it, but i’m trying to sell it locally.