WTS: PS3 SSF4 TE "S" Fightstick - $100

Hey guys, I have a black MadCatz Super Street Fighter IV TE “S” fightstick, in fantastic condition, I’ve only used it a few times (and I say that honestly, I already have one of the original MadCatz TE sticks, this one was so that I could keep one at my fiancee’s house, but I hardly ever play there).
In case you’re unsure, this is the stick I’m talking about:

I can provide it in the original box with the documentation if you want it.

UPDATE: I am no longer looking to trade the stick. I would just like to sell it.

Let me know if you are interested!

Shameless bump.

Any chance you’d be willing to sell it for the price of a 360 TE?

Check your PMs!

EDIT: In retrospect I should send you the PM first lol. Check your PMs in… 10 minutes!

RE-EDIT: Sent. =]

Still looking!

I have that same stick for 360 but dual modded, would you trade for sticks plus cash?

Lol…if you are in SoCal just hit me up for a dual mod…cost you less than trading…with extra cash…and shipping…we can meet up and I can get it back to you the next day…same day if you want to meet closer to me and wait an hour…

Maybe I’ll sell it and use the funds to dual-mod one of my other sticks…

Trading just seemed like a better idea at the time. I’ll think about it, I’ve met jdm714 before and I know you guys both do really good work.

Updated my original post to reflect that I will be willing to sell it straight-up for $130.

I have a MVC3 TE that was modded to work for PC/PS3/360/Dreamcast. I need a PS3 stick for my bro.

Check your PMs!


I was out of town for a long time on business, but now I’m back and ready to get this sale/trade working again.

So again, I will either sell my PS3 TE for $100, or trade for any X360 TE.


Bump. Still looking to get this sold, reply here or PM me if you’d like to buy it!

bleh i would jump right on this, but i wont be back in socal for another two weeks! bump for you gluck~

Still looking.

My friend is interested in buying it straight up for 100. We’re from SImi (Denjin). Let me know

Bump! Still looking.

I will be at SoCal Regionals this weekend in Irvine, CA, if anyone wants to make an easy trade!


is it still up for sale?

Yes it is.