WTS: PS3 TE, 360 SE (Sanwa), HnK PS2 JP


Looking to sell my PS3 Mad Catz Round 1 TE, Xbox 360 Mad Catz SE modded with Sanwa, and Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) for Japanese PS2. Trying to make some cash before East Coast Throwdown 3. Will ship only within the US 48 (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). If you’re going to East Coast Throwdown 3 this weekend, I can arrange to meetup with you and sell it to you there to save on shipping. Click the link before the description for pictures.

[S]PS3 Round 1 TE: Unmodded, only two buttons switched around. Minor scuffs and scratches from normal usage. Comes with the original box that I bought it in. In great working condition. Looking for $90 shipped.[/S] **SOLD to bizzazz

[S]Xbox 360 SE with Sanwa: Every part in the stick in Sanwa except for the black buttons (which are stock). Other than that, everything works great. Looking for $65 shipped.[/S] SOLD to rawrzr

Hokuto no Ken PS2 Import: (AKA Fist of the North Star) This is the fighting game from Arc System Works. Comes with the original case, instruction booklet, and game. The case has a minor crack on the top of it but nothing that could damage the game. The game has minor scratches from usage and works without a hitch. Since it is an import, it’ll only work on Japanese PS2s and modded PS2s (Swap Magic, modchipped, etc). Looking for $20 shipped.

Also! If anyone has an Xtokki converter (PS2 to Xbox 360) or an inPin converter (PS2 to PS3) that they’re willing to trade, I’ll take $20 off any stick.

If anything catches your interest, either post up or PM me.


PM’d about the 360 SE


Price drop on PS3 TE! Remember, if you’re going to East Coast Throwdown this weekend and you’re interested in buying what I have, PM me ASAP!


Modded Xbox 360 SE Pending


As far as the Xtokki 360 converter goes, do you care if it’s the old one that requires another 360 controller to be plugged in to override the system security?


is HnK the 1st run or Sega The Best(greatest hits version)? Does it come with the dvd?


I’d much rather prefer the newer models. Sorry!

It’s the Sega The Best version. The picture is in the OP. And no, it doesn’t come with the DVD.


whoops. missed the link. thx.


Pm’d about the TE stick.


Payment sent for TE stick.