Wts: Ps3 te stick md/va/dc

it’s the black and gray one

how much

Good job on reading the rules before selling!

Yeah, I have to agree… Newbies NOT reading the Trading Outlet rules is getting a bit annoying.

FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME: Don’t bother trying to sell anything here UNLESS you have BOTH 50 posts AND at least a 6 MONTH membership!

Seriously, maybe they should do outright lifetime bans on membership for people who come in and do spam posts in OTHER forums for sales OR ignore for the fourth, fifth time other people telling them what the rules are!!!

I had to wait six months, too, before I sold anything!

The 50 post part is easy… Why some people think they are the exception to the six month rule is beyond me. Go sell on eBay or another auction site or CraigsList if you hate waiting so much!

The OP has more than 300ish posts and joined in 09 which is 2 years ago…

you just don’t know the extent on how much of an idiot you’ve just made yourself out to be with this post…LOL, of course you won’t have balls to come back to it.


How much for the stick?

Other than that. OP is supposed to post prices. He still did not read the rules, thoroughly.