WTS: PS3 TE Stick with Plexi Glass, SF4 Collectible Items, PS2 Saturn Pad and MORE!

I would prefer local pickup but I can ship it. I live in Walnut, Ca by super arcade and arcade infinity. I accept paypal or cash if it is local pick up only.

Just a note with any of my items you can pm me with offers if you dont want to pay what is listed…

**NEW ITEM - Pelican converter (i didnt take a pic but I can if you really want to see it…) $30

PS3 Tournament Edition Stick + Plexi Glass (VERY good condition) $130



I couldn’t get a real good picture of the plexi glass but its the one that is being sold here on SRK


Limited Edition Comic Book From SF4 Launch event $25


Street Fighter Soap from SF4 launch event $25


Green, Red, and Yellow STreet Fighter 4 headbands $15 each







Street Fighter 4 wristbands $10


PS2 Sega Saturn Pad SOLD

Resident Evil 5 Collectors Laser Cell $10


T-mobile Sidekick 3 (kinda beat up but the phone still works fine) $20


iPod 4GB Nano (just the ipod itself, no cables of any kind - its scratched up but works perfectly…not sure what generation it is but it does not play video, only music) $30



The following PC games have legit CD keys to play online. they are used but i dont play any of these games and no one has these keys ($15 each)



If you have a question regarding any of these items send me a pm. Thanks!

Sorry to say bobino, but Trading Outlet rules say you gotta put a price on your goods if you want to sell them. Regardless, this is some pretty good stuff! Good luck on your sales! :tup:

rules state you have to put a price for your items sorry budy

edit: damn ikagi beat me to it haha

oh didnt know, guess ill edit then. thanks for the info

original post updated w/ pricing!!

PM’d re: Saturn pad.

WTB the Saturn Pad. I can pay immediately.

is the saturn pad gone??

pm me if you still have the saturn pad for sale

well seems a lot of you want that saturn pad so pm me if you want it

edit: changed the price on the saturn pad, if you still want it at the new price, pm me

pm sent about saturn pad! i need it bad!

You taking trades for that Green SF headband?

I’m still waiting for a reply to that PM despite you adding $40 to the price.

@.cobra - whatever it is you have in mind, just pm it to me.

@theshend - i was responding to pm’s that were still interested after the pricing change which is why i didnt respond to yours, sorry.

saturn pad is sitll available for price listed above obo, send pm.

Dunno how the Saturn pad isn’t gone, but PM sent. Just let me know.

Damn i missed the Saturn pad. I had saw that but lost the thread link. O well Congrats Kyle how much it went for?

Sadly it was gone before I got it. It was listed at $60 when I tried. I think he originally listed it for $20 after reading the posts above. Oh well.

added pelican converter

price of pelican is 30