WTS: PS3 Tekken 6 wireless stick, and 360 MK9 stick

Sup folks trying to Sell most of sticks because its getting to cluttered in my apartment and plus i am about 90% done with my current Deal for my MAS stick. So these have to go. All items i sell you will pay for shipping(unless i put shipped). i can be reached by email: dbrown8320@gmail.com and you can even send me a text for a faster response at 313-799-2017

Stuff sold so far:
SFAC stick - sold to ironknight
Sanwa buttons - sold to Krayzied240

Tekken 6 wireless:

bought this stick on tekken 6 release and it has been used. I hate to see it go but aye gotta make room. i can do 50 bucks shipped seeing on how light this is.

Mk9 stick:

Now this stick when i bought it came already jacked up. the stick (made buy happ) had the same issue with with the sfac stick when i bought it when MK9 came out. and i never used it that much i’d say about five times total. looking to get at least 80 bucks you will have to pay shipping because of how big it is.

hit me up if you have any questions.

PM sent


Sfac stick sold to ironknight

I’ll buy the sanwa buttons PM’ed

Buttons sold to Krayzied240

Shipping SFAC stick to ironknight today. will post tracking number when i get back.

payment sent

Thank you. I will ship tomorrow. (i dont get out of school until 10 pm) I’m currently at work.

Buttons has been shipped. (left tracking number in my other car)