WTS PS3 Wireless Fightpad (Sagat)

I’ve had this thing for 3 months, got it because my friends didnt want to learn to use any of my arcade stick set ups, and now they wont play me… I’m horrible, so that should tell you how bad my friends are…

Its wireless, its Madcatz, its Sagat, its Ps3 version.

I’m asking for 23 bucks shipped.
-If you’ve got something to trade PM me, we’ll see whats what…

Used maybe 3 hours total. Fresh double A’s inside !

Dropped 5 bucks, 25 now… shipped, and its ready to go !

Bumped for another price drop ? - 23 bucks shipped ?

I’ll raise the price if no one starts making me offers… 23 shipped for a wireless fight pad ? lets do this ! (or trade me some buttons and stuff)