WTS: (PS3/xbox 360) Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 Premium VLX (FREE USA SHIPPING) - $250


I have about 4 Hori VLX’s in stock brand new, looking to let them go for about $250 a piece. Free shipping within the US. As you all know these go for about $300 new and these sticks are pretty much new in the box.

Right now, these sticks are for PS3/xbox. i have 1 xbox in stock and 3 ps3.


ignore the reels on the top lol

If you have any questions yeah post here or pm me. Thanks


WTS: Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 Premium VLX (have a few in stock) - $250, brand new

Ugh. No expendable income right now! I’m sure they will go quickly.


pm sent


Hold me down for one nigga


Jump on these. Great price for an sick stick.


Wow, I wonder how much it costs to ship these.


update and bump: I sold one to networkingyuppy as of yesterday. I still have 3 Hori VLX left for local pickup or delivery. Few guys have PM’ed me asking about shipping costs but the rest of these are unclaimed. I’m sorry I do not have any for xbox yet but i will update when i get some.


updated with new inventory. i now have one xbox one now and i still have a few ps3 ones left.


updated to include free usa shipping, prices remain the same :slight_smile:




PM’d about 360


ditto pm’d you for 360


Sabin, clear your PM box so I can PM you, thx!


I’m interested in a PS3 one if you still got 'em.


Ya, I wanna PM you regarding getting a PS3 VLX.


i’m interested in one for xbox360 if you still have one. if not then i’d still be interested in one for ps3


I’m very interested in a PS3 VLX, but it seems I can’t PM right now because your inbox is full. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want one too…


Just realized that this thread was made last year. They’re prolly all gone now. LOL


^lol… i wish this dude would come back and sell some more HRAP’s