WTS: PS360+ PCB, Gold JLF Shaft WTB: PS3

Price drops, JST wiring now free with any purchase

Edited thread

Seimitsu buttons sold to slaycruz

Check pm sir lol

bing you got mail :slight_smile:

I have 8 Red Sanwa OBSC-30mm Buttons in my thread if you’re interested

U have mail yo.

Got moar stuff!

I WILL BUY PERSONA 4 RIGHT NOW inb4 someone else steals it

Items pending for sale

P4A and Shaft Cover SOLD!
Also Jyueeang buttons and se cable also gone!

Some cables sold locally

RJ45 cable now $7
Mic PCB Free with any purchase or pay shipping

RJ45 to USB A and Mic PCB SOLD to:

added ps3

Are you firm on 175 for the PS3? And do you happen to be selling games, too?

No games included, sorry. I’m open to offer especially if you include anything from the wanted list. BTW has your stuff arrived yet?

updated with pix. Will sell controllers individually.

I’m out of town, but it should be there when I get back. Might make an offer. On the edge, because I’m not a big Sony fan, but there’s a hell of a lot of games I’m missing out on…

Edit: looove the Minato avatar. Been playing P3 for the first time, so good.

no problem take your time :slight_smile: