WTS ::: PS360+ ver. 2.10, 1.66 firmware updated,

Hello all, decided to sell some stuff that I’m not using.

:::Accepting PayPal Verified only:::
:::Shipping in the US only through USPS 2-Day Priority Mail:::

**:::**Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate - $9.75 Shipped


**:::**Hori Hayabusa Joystick Lever (No shaftcover, balltop or dustwashers) - $30.00 Shipped Sold to @toddler316 August, 8 2015
**:::**HRAP 3 Premium VLX PCB Wire Harness - $45.00 Shipped Sold to @Jayducky April, 13 2015
**:::Sanwa OSBF-30 Red Color x6 + Sanwa Red 35mm Balltop - ** $14.00 Shipped Sold to @hibachifinal April, 14 2015
**:::**Used(Mint Condition) Brook PS3 to PS4 super converter with newest firmware - $32.00 Shipped Sold to @oldskoolgaming April, 13 2016
**:::**Sanwa JLF-TPRG-8AYT-SK (PCB only) - $30.00 Shipped Sold to @oldskoolgaming April, 13 2016
**:::**Used PS360+ ver 2.10 with newest firmware - $33.00 Shipped Sold to @2old4this April 18 2016

Post here if interested.

If available, I’ll take it! Can pay in 4 hours when I get out of work.

Noted. PM me in 4 hours we can exchange paypal info.

Harness Sold. Added some more arcade parts that I had boxed up in my closet.

What system is the VLX PCB?

PS 3, edited post incase people weren’t sure.


I got your PM but you only been here for 3 months and I honestly don’t want to do buisness with you. Sorry.

Unless you can get someone here to vouch for you.

What’s not safe about me sending money first? I think @Evolderek and @NotANoob81 can vouch for me. I have actually done business with Evolderek twice.

You know what, never mind. That “I honestly don’t want to do business with you” and ignoring my PM just seems a bit A hole to me. Just forget about it.

Thanks for the bump.

Edit: Some guy "WTF"ed my post but doesn’t know that the guy initially low balled my price offering from this troll account in the PM he sent. That’s ok though.

Ill vouch for @poisonmar. good communication and a solid guy. Sold him two sticks a month or so ago. He paid through paypal and everything went smooth. wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again!

Troll account ? What the heck are you talking about? So it’s a troll account because I have only been here for 3 months? Do you have a problem with me? Is that it?

Low balled? I offered 25 , only 5 less than what you are asking for.

If someone WTFed your post it’s probably because you come across as an asshole. Did you ever think about that?

Thank you @Evolderek. I really appreciate that.

Are you done? You can stop posting in my thread now. After all that I really don’t wish/want to do business with you. And I really don’t care about other’s here vouching for you now either.

A Hayabusa lever goes for 30 bucks + shipping in a retail shop. I’m pretty much giving you it for 20-25 bucks and paying the shipping out of my own money. If that isn’t lowballing then I don’t know what it is. The condition is near mint as I only played on it twice and decided I didn’t like it.

Look at your own profile and you will understand why I called your account a “troll account”.

Have a good day.

Big man behind the keyboard giving attitude to strangers online. Now I am done.

And you’re a little bitch on the internet. Man up, no need to get butthurt cause you get rejected.

Peace son.

Little boy, I would love to see you even try to say half of that to my face. You really need to learn some manners.

@poisonmar is right. You do come across as an a** hole. I’m surprised anyone even buys your junk.

I bet both of these accounts come from the same IP.

PM sent