WTS: PS360's, Chimp SMD's, Seimitsu & Sanwa Joysticks

All items are bran new and prices include shipping.

PS360’s and Chimps are sold.

Joysticks are sold.


I’ll take a ps360 and a chimp.

Send me a message for the paypal info

Actually, I’ll take all of them.

hmmmm…who wins this…probably the american…

I’ll take the other ChIMP SMD and the JLF with pink ball :wink: PM’ed with my info

Wow. Great prices. Good luck with the sale.

I’d totally buy those three LS-32s if I didn’t have three of them lying around here at home. I’ll link you to a potential buyer, at the very least.

sigh…i was right…

Chimps and ps360s paid for.