WTS: PS4 Assassin's Creed Black Flag (Sealed) / PS(SS) to DC adapters


For sale, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag for Ps4, asking price $35 OBO shipped, worth noting that AC is mint new and sealed, but Battlefield had to be opened cuz the damn disc was loose, so i took out the wrap to prevent more damage, disc still intact and code unused, pics in this album: http://imgur.com/a/JtM5p .
Also, notice I’m in Mexico, so I’ll ship it to wherever you are insured and trackable. Paypal only.

PS to DC adapters
For all you marvel2 heads, selling 2 adapters cuz I don’t need them. Condition is good on both, showing some signs of use (see pics). They both work perfectly though. One is a EMS one, white, letters are kinda off, cuz its been like 10 years since i got it. And the other one is a Sega Saturn/PS/keyboard to DC, both have support for a steering wheel or pad. I tried them to check the button mapping on MvC2 and on the EMS one, it has 3 switch positions, Position 1 will have L1 and R2 as assist2, and L2 and R1 as Assist1. Second switch position has L1 as A1, and R1 as A2, and disables L2 and R2. Third position is for the wheel, so i didn’t check that one. On the second adapter, it only has one switch for Pad or Steering wheel, and it maps them L1 and R2 as A1, and L2 and R1 as A2. I’m not sure why, but that’s how it is. Here are some pics of them: http://imgur.com/a/C8RbH You can see the wear on the white and some sort of scratches on the blue one. The white one has a (way) longer cable than the blue one. Asking $12 shipped for white, $22 for blue, both for $32 shipped OBO.

SOLD: Sega USB Pad, Battlefield 4


That pad is pretty damn awesome, good luck on the sale dude. It’s for PC right?


Yeah, it works for PC as well. I remember this was pretty good for emulators and stuff, has some sort of antique value to it. :slight_smile:


Hi, just wanted to ask if this was the one built for the ps2?


No, it’s the USB one, not the PS2 one. I ignore if it works on the PS2 USB ports though.


Ah shoot. Sorry, completely dumb question. It said USB and I still asked if it’s for ps2. Any chance you would know if it works on the ps3 or xbox?


It used to work on PS3, but Sony patched this and some other adapters/pads, so it’s a no go. It doesn’t work on Xbox either.


Price lowered! Someone get it! I got bills to pay, lol


Price dropped! Someone grab this, it’s an awesome pad!


Added some converters, also price drop on saturn usb pad.


I’ll pick that Saturn Pad up, yes please. PM sent mate!


Bump for added Ps4 games.


Never seen that blue converter before. You know if it’s compatible with the Sega Saturn Twin Stick for Virtual On?


I have no idea, sorry. It might work though, it’s a saturn controller after all, I don’t have a twin stick to check it though. :S


ahh alright thanks for the response. I’ll keep mulling it over.


Battlefield 4 sold! Someone grab AC IV!


Price Drop