Just trying to get rid of a few figures. The Wings on the Mu-12 figure have been put back together, I have what they look like in the album. If you’d like me to unbox any of them and show them let me know. Feel free to hit me up with any offers.
I have a few figures I’m looking to sell. Price is what I have listed, Shipping is included. If you want more pictures of a particular figure please let me know. http://imgur.com/a/M0koJ and http://imgur.com/a/fcFxU

Mu Twelve- $50
Jolyne Kujo- 30
Lisa Lisa- 35
Updated with more pictures and a few more figures.
Edit: Here’s the MFC links for each figure

http://myfigurecollection.net/item/181098 Mu-12
http://myfigurecollection.net/item/144419 Lisa Lisa

Blazblue ChronoPhantasma ps3 (japanese version)-$20 shipped

Madcatz TES+ ps4+extra octo-gate 110$ +shipping


Do the prices include shipping?


For most part. I need to get shipping costs for the larger items, but the figures/smash aren’t that pricey to ship.


PM sent


Shipping to Aus a possibility?


Maybe, what are you trying to get?


Looking heavily at that saber alter haha


It would be pretty pricey shipping wise. I think like 35+?


I’ve learned thus far while in aus is money must be shelled out to get things :expressionless: ill pm you about prices and where to go from there


Okay, cool deal then.


I PMed you a few days ago about pictures for the PS3 TE and haven’t gotten a response.



Bump…took out the things that sold. Willing to sell off stuff lower than asking. Just pm me



Looking to sell a TE2 for ps4/ps3. Has very little use, I have switched out the orginal buttons with Hori buttons and have a different balltop on it. Im shipping it with a set of 6 sanwa pushbuttons and an alternate balltop. Looking for $180 shipped, but open to offers


Bump: Lowered Stick down to $155


Bump, dropped prices on a few things.


Is the TE2 $135 Shipped?




bump. Added some more games and a MAdcatz TES+


Can I get pictures of the TE? I’m interested.