WTS: psp and broken Xbox & other stuff



Xbox(original) broken * 10 plus shipping *
psp* sorry didn’t know I could get in trouble for that… * 100 obo*


Sneak peek vol 2&3 * 10 for both + shipping*

.Hack //Legend of the twilight 2*3 10 for both + shipping

The entire collection of Real bout high * 50+ shipping*

Rahxephon boxset * 75 + shipping*

***WTB: ***

Sega Saturn
wired Xbox360 controller
Arcade buttons and parts
Xbox360 games
Special edition street fighter controllers

**All Prices are flexible **

Please include prices.

Hurry!! Before the mods catch you.

How much for the Real bout high


50 plus shipping


here is the pic

messed up getting a better one tomorrow…

You should post prices before you get infractions.

Edit modded in your title, there’s no real way we’ll know if you unmod it but you can’t advertise modded systems nor be selling them.

what does the xbox do? (blinking light pattern? which one? does it boot? has someone fudged with the insides? will it run discs? what’s shipping to 43212?)

It would be 25 bucks and I’m not even sure what it does but I will take pics…

PSP with shipping?

I’ll cashout on both and i already pm eariler telling u this.

PM Sent