Wts: psp+controller converters+sanwa buttons


sup bros its me again. selling games n shit

$50 itunes gift card is yours for 30

ALSO FOR THOSE WHO I SAID I WOULD SELL CONVERTERS TO, I FINALLY FOUND THEM SO HIT ME UP AND I CAN GET THOSE TO YOU SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG. got a ps2-ps3 converter(AVAILABLE) and two ps2-360 converters, one etokki (ON HOLD). also a ps2 to dreamcast (AVAILABLE)

UPDATE: I have a box of about 30-40 sanwa buttons from various TE’s I took apart. $50. they are wrapped up in a bag and already in a box froma previous sale that fell through (guy ended up not needing them). Not selling the buttons individually


pm’ed you about the ps3 games.


What color is the PSP? I’m looking for the blue one, but I might consider another color.


its black




Ill take the ettoki ps2 to 360 one if its unclaimed. (based on what I read)


bump added buttons and updated status on some items


Prices for the converters?


15 each


What’s the info on the ps2-ps3 converter & price?