WTS: Pud's Balltops


These have been laying around for too long. I need to put these up for sale. Paypal only. All prices include shipping. US only.


Top Row:
Teddie (P4A) - $30
Izanagi (P4A) - SOLD
Dr. Doom - $30
Dr. Doom - $30 [HOLD]
Blanka (gray) - $20
Blanka (green) - SOLD

Bottom Row:
Servbot (happy) - SOLD
Servbot (angry) - $20 [HOLD]
Servbot (tantrum) - $20 [HOLD]
Magneto helmet - SOLD
Magneto helmet - SOLD
Dhalsim - $8($5 if purchased with another). One of my early balltops. Quality isn’t that high. :confused:

I stopped taking custom orders. Sorry duders.

I am open to trades. What I’m looking for:

  • Red Sanwa 30mm snap-in pushbuttons (x2)
  • Blue Sanwa 30mm snap-in pushbuttons (x2)
  • Green Sanwa 30mm snap-in pushbuttons (x2)
  • JLF “S” style mounting bracket (x2)


i’m really feeling that magneto balltop!!
how long does it take you to make these?
might snag one soon when funds come in.


A week maybe. That first Magneto is still available.


If I had the extra dough right now, ooohhhhh that Magnus helmet =O it would be mine…Do you plan on taking custom orders in the future?


Mags are no big deal to do.


Need some iron man in here. if your taking orders I would want one.


This breaks my heart:

If you’d be willing to ship to Canada, can you post a close up picture of the cracks in the green blanka?


Sure. It’s just the green. The hair is crackless.





Magneto on hold.


Magneto sold.


Prices dropped.


Green Blanka sold.


Is the Doom one just grey and black or is there green on the top that is not showing in the photo? Also, is his painted on both sides of the ball top or just one? Thanks in advance.


It’s a fairly dark green. And the face is only on one side. The back is just green.


Ah. Was hoping it was just grey and black. Thanks for answering.


No problem.


holy joystick balls these are nice. do you plan on making more?


Prices dropped and trades added

Not at this time.


Happy Servbot sold.