WTS: purple heart Souji5 case, modded agetec for PS3

Decided to sell these today to embark on a new project!

1st off is my purple heart Souji5 stick which only the CASE is for sale for 200usd+ shipping
this case has only really been out for tournament use only.

Modded agetec all sanwa with start/select/home wired for ps3 for sale 50usd+shipping

paypal only

sent you a pm…


Payment sent for Agetec

Agetec sold to evawingzero! Souji5 case still up for sale!

Good luck on the sale bro!! I got a chance to see that stick a week or so ago and it is still in top notch condition :tup:

agetec looks sweet as hell

Both cases have been sold thank you, will be getting shipped Monday.