WTS: PYE DVD +/-R Recorder [Record matches etc from console or S-Video] - 40$

Original Box

Looking for 50$ shipped

will include spool of DVD’s

i’ll do 40$ shipped… come on!

give you $4.25

50 is fine

Could we have pics please? Throw in some pics and i’ll grab it for 40 or 50. :smiley:

40 if you dont mind but I’ll do 50… lol.

are you competeing with me? LMAO actually you can give it to kimo, LOL

I’d really like to have it personally lol. To record our matches and other things I do with games. Can make michinima. Does it have a DVR built in too or just DVD burner only? I dont mind either way lol.

hey im buying it for myself and the league as well…cheater…lol so instead of buying it for the league your getting it for yourself. LOL

I’m getting for both lol. You make it sound like I never go. sad face

kimo shipped to hawaii is 60$

pm me if you want it, neo said you can have it and thats what we agreed on.

I’ll take it, PM sent.

Payment sent. God speed.