WTS:PYE DVD + recorder (for making combo vids and such) - 60$

I’m in desperate need of cash and will no longer be in need of these things since all i have time to play is 3s.

Playstation 2 Package: 100$ shipped (SOLD to kennywood)
-Ps2- big style with network adapter, ready for HD loader if you add a hd
-2 memory cards
-Tekken 5
-Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
-Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
-Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
-Game Shark
-Virtua Fighter 4
-Prince of persia warrior within

PYE DVDRW for recording vids from ps2/xbox/ps3: 60$ shipped
-i will include a CD with step by step instructions on how to take the DVD’s made and cut the parts out you want
-also comes with a spool of DVDs
-remote and original box included
-comes with original packaging.

Dreamcast + memory card: 40$ (sold to sir_arthur)

INNOVATION ps>DC converter: 45$ (sold to suprafist)

Jap stick: 90$ shipped (sold to patmonsta)

  • new PCB reccomended (start/select problems)
    -sanwa screwin buttons
    -seimitsu ls-32 stick


payment in money order please.

post pics of the ‘jap’ stick please lmao

Yeah please do.



edit, i need $ fast

Are you willing to sell the ps2 games separately or do we have to buy the bundle?

INNOVATION converter + memory card I’ll take.

i’d be willing to sell seperatley, but not a single game.

i will not price them, on taking bundles apart you need to offer.

waiting to sell this seperatly, as i have not decided on a price for it. so offer. Last one i sold for 45$. so like 55 shipped including memory card.

deal let me see a pic of the pye.

i’d still like to wait a day or two to see if people want it with the dc, or with the stick.

can’t find a picture and no digi camera, it is in VERY good condition though.

Are you on Mal’ganis? :o

no, but the character is transfer-ready

How much for the stick and the converter. I’m willing to buy it. Also How much if I buy the two sticks.

How much for just the Dreamcast and VMU? :razz:

how much for just the stick then

there arnt 2 sticks

stick + converter = 140 shipped, it’s in the first post.

DC + VMU = 60 shipped

i need to get rid of all thiss stuff guys

come on.

pm’d everyone who showed interest

price drop.

hey shodokan i like your yun stick but i dont have paypal is there any other way maybe money order

yes, pm me

also u said the start and select buttons are messed up does it affect game play

i highly suggest getting a new PCB for it

but no, it should not, as long as you are in VS. mode.

just opened the stick up and fixed the problems

start and select have been fixed.

stick will be 95$ including paypal fees.

i can accept money order.