WTS Qanba Q4 and Other Fight Sticks



I am in the process of cleaning out my house, and the fact is that I own too many fight sticks, so I’ve decided that it’s time to let some of them go.

**First up is HRAP EX. I’ve had this stick for awhile and it was good to me. Its in good used condition, stock, with a little bit of button spin. Sadly the person who I bought this from decided to use its box as the shipping box for the stick, so the box is in rough shape. **


I’m asking $[S]80$75[/S] $70 shipped OBO. Since the box is in such bad shape, and it would make my life easier, I’d be willing to knock $5 off the price if you don’t want the box.


**Next up is a Hori VX. I actually bought this by accident thinking it was the VX-SA, which it is NOT. ****It is NEW IN BOX, I have never opened it. **


I am asking [S]$60[/S] $55 shipped OBO.

Next is a Namco PS2 Tekken 4 stick. Its in nice condition, all the buttons are crisp, they don’t make them like this anymore. The bottom panel has no rust on it and the spring is still stiff and responsive.


Asking [S]$35[/S] $30 shipped OBO.

**Last up is my [S]Qanba Q4 RAF Black[/S]. This stick is in mint condition, it has less than 4 hours of total playing time on it. It comes with all original accessories, which are still in the plastic, the original box, which is also in mint condition, and an extra panel for custom artwork, which is still covered in the protective plastic. **


**I’m asking a firm $140 shipped.**SOLD ****

I ship to the lower 48 states only, and only to confirmed paypal addresses. Paypal is also the only payment method that I will accept UNLESS we are doing local pickup, in which case I will take cash. I live in Southeastern Massachusetts, and I’ll talk price to anyone that wants to meet locally. All items are shipped via USPS Parcel Post and tracking numbers are included in shipping prices.

PM me with any questions!


Updated with Q4


where are you located?


I live in Easton, in southeastern MA


bump. Couple of price drops, but this stuff has to go. I’d rather it go to someone I know would appreciate it, but if I’m not getting any interest its going on ebay.


PM sent~


All PMs replied to


Q4 is sold pending payment.


All PMs replied to, offers on the VX and EX


Q4 is sold!


Final price drop. Going to ebay on Saturday.


HRAP EX pending