WTS: Qanba Q4 (Black) **Like New**

decided to sell my original black q4. only opened it to mess with the gate, nothing else has been tampered with. perfect working condition. comes with the box and everything. no big rush to sell this thing, just posting from work, so i dont have pictures at the moment, but will post at your request.
looking for 150 shipped to your door. will CONSIDER trades, but mostly just looking for cash at the moment.

Wassup Miikey, I got your PM. Replied.

Bump for a Great Seller. I bought 3 Arcade Sticks from him and It was in excellent condition practically new. :tup:

holy crap, it has been 3 huh? lol…thanks buddy…selling this to save for my custom :wink:

I would buy it from you but I already have it tho.

I may never win tournaments… i might be the 45th best player in Florida… but I know a broken character when I see one, at the moment there are 2 broken characters in the game 1 is Wesker and the other is Zero, there is no waiting to see what technology comes out… or w.e, wesker is goin to be wesker and zero is going to be Zero, if you go to every character page on the SRK marvel page every one has problems (or crying like some ppl call it) with wesker and zero. that is no coincidence, you dont see ppl asking for help on how to beat Captain America for example.

Me and Hunter may not agree on that but that is his opinion, and he is entitled to it, but like I said im 190% sure you canot prove me wrong that wesker is no OP

PR Rog won the tournament with WESKER in his team and he said WESKER is ridiculos.

I always had a theory for fixing WESKER, make his Gun Sots uncancelable and you have a PERFECTLY balanced character, can you imagine Ryu throwing a Fireball and canceling it into a Teleport behind you? with a lock-down assist behind it?

Perhaps that post was a glitch from another thread?

Bump for a great seller :slight_smile:

sold…and being shipped…thnks