WTS Qanba Q4RAF and Brawl Stick


My xbox has been broken, and I haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed, these have been collecting dust, so they are up for sale.

QANBA IS SOLD QANBA IS SOLD QANBA IS SOLD QANBA IS SOLD Q**ANBA IS SOLD **Ice Blue Qanba Q4RAF, start button replaced with 24MM Sanwa in matching ice blue color. Great Condition. These sell for $180 on eightarc, I want $150 Shipped FIRM.

Have a Brawl Stick that’s been used for 5 minutes. I bought it to mod and never got around to it. $45 Shipped FIRM


lol I love how you post a picture with the 30 dollar sale price tag from gamestop asking for 45. Like a straight thug.


how about 29.99 shipped ?


If you can still find em for 30, all the power too ya… but if you can’t and still want a relatively cheap stick to mod, here it is. I’m basicially just trying to get my money back plus shipping.


They are only $20 at gamestop now. Ordered one a few weeks ago.


Wait. You can order one at gamestop? Or do they have to have them in stock. Everyplace in ga is sold out.

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You cannot order them online. This was the last one in my area when I bought it a few months ago. Gamestop.com now shows them as not being available within a 100 mile radius. So as I said, if you can still find them near you, go for it. If you can’t you can buy it from me. The only place I can still get them near me is FYE, and that’s because they still sell them for $60. If you don’t like the price, I apologize, but it is what it is. My prices are FIRM.


I’m interested in the Qanba. I sent you a message asking you some questions about the stick. Also, can you post some pictures of the Qanba without the plastic wrapper. Thanks.



I hope you still have this when I get paid this weekend…I can pray right? lol


The Qanba is pending, awaiting payment.


Qanba is SOLD!


NOOOOOOOO…I just got my check today too. :frowning: