WTS: Qanba Q4RAF (PS3/360) with Qanba stick bag!




Hey, shoot me a pm if you want to sell just the bag and price. Thanks


If you are going to sell the bag to above, I might be interested in the stick depending on the price.


I’d prefer to ship them together, but if nobody scoops up this deal within a few days, I can get in touch. Thanks for the posts.




I’m sorry, but I don’t have the box.


Y r u selling domos stick


He wants a stick with a different layout. (One of the SoulCalibur V sticks.)


It turns out I have the box after all! It doesn’t have any of the inserts, but I have the box itself, and it’s in good condition. I can ship it as well, by request.


Unfortunately, the aim is to get the 360 version. Thanks for the post, though.


Still for sale?




Check your messages


Got it yesterday afternoon. Thanks