WTS: QCFGaming Poplar Cases

Hey guys, here are some poplar cases.

Edit: The walnut case on top will fit a 6 button layout, non american and the other cases will fit a 8 button layout, non american.

Another Edit: Brad Nails will be shot into each corner. They add a ton of strength.

Another Edit: You pick your own layout and the holes will be drilled. You don’t drill themselves, unless you want to.

There are 4 poplar cases with 3 24mm button sides, and 1 neutrik, and 3 poplar cases with just 3 24mm button sides, and also 1 walnut case with 3 button sides with neutrik USB.

Note that those neutrik holes will only fit neutrik USB!

They will be $40 + $10 shipping since they cost a little bit more to make and a little longer to make.

The case on top is a walnut and it has a slight wobble, so it will be $40 + $10 shipping as well. I think if you put rubber feet on it, you might be able to fix the wobble.

You got a PM

Nice work.

I’m interested in one of the poplar cases. I wish you had a 6 button poplar case though. :frowning:

edit: PM’d.

They are 8 button sizes, but I could drill 6 holes.

PM sent.

I’m on this!

Damns…If you make any later on with 6-button American, I’ll end up jumping straight on this.

Or rather…I’m broke right now so will wait until…if…you do any more XD

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do they come with plexi and a bottom?

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what exactly i must do to this case when i get it? paint it and what else is missing? sorry for the dumb question

Yep, come with Lexan on top and MDF on the bottom.

All you need to do is paint the sides, and stick the buttons / joystick in and wire it up.

Hold one for me! YGPM!

I’ll take one, PM sent. Please check

plexi is included then?

Yeah. Lexan (polycarbonate) on top, MDF bottom.

No, just Polycarbonate.
satek does not use Acrylic.

Do you have painted cases?

Yep. Polycarbonate, which covers the art like plexi is included.

No, but here’s one that ibeatu painted. Don’t know how well he painted it, but here are some pics in his thread -


Its only $60.

YGPM, again!