WTS random Anime DVD assortment: 4 for $20 shipped

Just clearing out junk from my place, and have this quite literally random set of 4 Anime DVDs I’d like to get off my hands.

Pics are here:

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (DVD on left, Movie)

Betterman Volume 5 (DVD on left, contains episodes 19-22)

Mobile Suit Gundam “The Red Comet” (DVD on right, Episodes 6-10)

El Hazard The Alternative World “The Spring of Life” (DVD on right, I think contains 3 episodes)

$20 shipped to the US, PayPal only. Sorry but I will not be splitting these up and selling individually. Will ship up to 1-2 days after payment is made.

All DVDs are in excellent condition. Endless Waltz is a bit dirty (Don’t have the right kind of cloth so I don’t want to try and clean it atm) but they ALL play perfectly (Tried them out this morning) with no hitches on my PS3, 360 and laptop.

Will ALSO accept a trade for an InPin converter or a Pelican converter, since that’s what the money is going to go towards…lol.

First come first serve, just leave a message here and PM if you’re ready to buy.

Thanks for looking! I have a [small] feedback thread in case anyone’s interested.

~ Dan’s Student

Price drop to $20 shipped in the US. Really just trying to get rid of crap, thanks!

Very nice prices, wish I could pick em up.