WTS Random Anime DVD's and EVO 2006 DVD

just trying to get rid of shit.

EVO 2k6 set $30 shipped OBO
Ninja Scroll 20th Anniversary Collecter’s DVD $15 shipped
Entire FLCL Series Discs 1-3 $25 shipped

Ichi the Killer $10 shipped
Versus $10 shipped
The Princess Blade $10 shipped
Audition $10 shipped
or buy all 4 for $30

yes please can i take the evo 2006 of your hands please pm’d

If you havent sold the evo dvds yets I would be interested in them

Did the evo dvds sell yet?

What version of Ichi the Killer is it that you have? The blood pack version?

evo set was sold.

ichi is the origianl directors cut