WTS: random buttons and parts grab bag cheap

All that is pictured is yours for $16 shipped to lower 48. This is all a bundle so I won’t break it up.

These would be great for a secondary arcade stick like an failing SE or modding something else.


Any Shipping to Canada?

How are the rollie switches compared to the switches found in the TvC stick?

This is a good deal!

Yeah I’ll ship to Canada. $30 US total.

As for the switches, I don’t know, I never used a TvC stick. The switches feel pretty good, maybe between sanwa and seimitsu in terms of stiffness.

Edit: Not shipping to Canada for this.

Sold yet? I would happily buy these. Also: Do you have the original hori switches, or did you throw them out? because I’ve never owned a hori stick and have been curious since 2k9 (my inception into fighting games) of what hori buttons feel like. Oh and what were you modding with the ps 15s that required tab bending? those are hella low profile to begin with.

I’ll buy if not sold already. Let me know.

This has been broken up a bit as it was posted back in April 5. Not sure where everything is, I threw some of it away. I’ll have to check on it when I get back. I am out of town.

If you end up finding some of it, I only want either one of the sets of hori buttons and ball top or the seimitsus.

I wish I had seen this when it was first posted. I’m interested to see what’s left. Maybe you have some more scraps laying around to make a new bundle?

Updated picture. All this for $16 shipped to USA. Because of the lack of cheap tracking I won’t be shipping to Canada.

i’d still take the chance with no tracking…

If it’s not sold and other people before me flake on you. I’ll buy it and I’m local so I can pick up…