WTS: Random computer stuff and games

As for games and game stuff I have

Maximo 15 shipped
Shadow of the Colossus 15 shipped
Halo 2 multiplayer map pack 10 shipped
DDR game dance pad for Xbox (not metal) 45 shipped
2 Xbox online Ethernet cords 15 shipped ( separate )
Fried Xbox pcb 10 shipped
Xbox 360 controller plastic casing with buttons ( Blue ) 12 shipped

Now Computer stuff…

for the Ram I want 15 shipped its nanya 256mb ddr-266MHZ-cl2
for the screen I want 55 + shipping

and for the bottom ( couldn’t get all the screws of so I have to sell the whole thing no Hard drive) I want 60 + shipping
Also battery 15 + shipping. I am looking to trade I need a Dreamcast light gun. Ram for a Compaq and Pokemon diamond.



You’re selling a fried Xbox pcb for $10?

The ram I could see and the games…a busted laptop screen for $55 and an old laptop busted up for $60?

Am I missing something here?

Lol :rofl:, and Damn!!!

halo 2 map pack??? thats free… u can dload it.

Neither are busted both work. The PCD leds are fried…I know how to price shit anymore stupid questions or dumb replies?

Weren’t you banned for trying to screw over JackTenrac!


I was interesting in shelling out $10 for the Halo 2 multiplayer pack, even though it’s free via Xbox, and your broken laptop parts, but I’m afraid now you’ll forget to pack the LCD screen:tdown:

It’s not his fault you weren’t clearer in your descriptions. nice attitude though.

Yea I also fucked these guys over


Thank you for yet another ill informed comment… If you don’t know the background simply shut your mouth :tup:

If you don’t agree with the prices don’t buy it…

Which was you didn’t ship an item JackTenrac! paid for and then ignored his PMs and inquires. Only when you got neg bombed and banned did you get off your ass and do what a seller is suppose to. Did that about cover it?

You just talked yourself outta a sale buddy, I really wanted that Halo 2 multiplayer pack too:tup:

The mod understood the situation and that is all that matters

Ur a fagg. You should be banned. Thats all.

Yeah lemme get dat fried XBOX pcb. Just put your Mom’s email down under paypal, password is harlot. She owes me for the head she gave me, she said it was fine on AIM.

Otherwise I’ll get a mod to ban you.

Can’t believe I found this.

…but I don’t. What happened. fool?