Wts: Random Fighting Game Cards


Street fighter Collectible Cards ~ $2.00 a pack.

SoulCalibur 3 Collectible Cards ~ $2.00 a pack.

King of Fighters 2006 & Samurai Shodown 5 ~ $1.50 a pack.

sorry for the bad pictures. just post how many packs you want ive got TONS.


all prices include shipping. orders must be in large #s(you cant order less than 5 packs)


Bump! if prices are 2 high let me know i can see what i can do.


bump :slight_smile:


lol @ kof 2006


If this was two years ago I’d probably be buying every pack off of you but unfortunately I don’t play this game anymore (nor do I know of anyone that does).


UFS. Oh man.


lol they are 50% off at my work and i need to dump em.

somebody buy some! :slight_smile: