WTS: random gba/360/gc/ps1/dc/saturn/ngpc/PC stuff (UPDATED 4/19)

Selling random crap sitting around. Want to let you guys dig around before i go to the hellhole that is ebay. My prices can be negotiated via PM. I am flexible. I will post pics if needed. Any extra info, please feel free to PM me.

Any games noted as “missing cd jewel case” means it is missing the original Jewel case and missing the back cover as well, but will still come with a generic jewel case, provided by me. Pretty much all the games missing jewel cases were stored in case logic cases from years ago, collecting dust. Also, all saturn games were tested on pc via emulator for functionality since i have no actual saturn hardware. For Dreamcast games, I have no DC to test if games are working. I dont not remember any of the DC games not working in the past, with the exception of sonic adventure, dunno if that one works. All games are sold as is.


Shipping is for the US only via USPS priority mail. Everything here is $5 shipping each, excluding the gamecube console, which will be $12. These are just standalone prices if item is sold individually. Buy multiple items and i will ship it all together and give you a new price for shipping. Due to my hectic work schedule, I only have time on saturdays to ship out packages, since i work during post office hours. So please keep that in mind. If I can send out earlier, I most certainly will do so.


I prefer paypal (verified only), or even better, if you have a bank of america account with online banking and can do a direct transfer of funds to avoid paypal fees. that would be awesome. i will take money orders.


Capcom 4mb ram cart - no box, great shape. working - $15
Pro Action Replay 4-1 ram cart (acts as a cheat device, a 1mb and 4mb expansion ram cart for games requiring it, and can play any region game on your US saturn) - no box, great shape. DOES NOT PLAY BURNED GAMES! - $30
Sega Saturn 1st party pad, grey color. minor scuffs. working - $20

Import Saturn Games:

Note: japanese games require a japanese saturn, a modded console, or a region bypass cart (ST Key or PAR 4-1 ram cart)

requires 1mb, 4mb or pro action replay 4-1 ram cart to play:

Samurai Spirits 3 (japan) - missing jewel case. average scratches. Working - $20
Samurai Spirits 4 (japan) - missing jewel case. average scratches. Working - $20

requires 4mb or PAR 4-1 ram cart to play:

Marvel VS Street fighter (japan) - missing jewel case. average scratches. WORKING - $30
Vampire Savior w/ 4mb ram cart (japan) - Comes with the Box (box is worn and has a price tag on it), the 4mb ram cart and box insert advertisement. missing jewel case. average scratches. WORKING - $25
Street Fighter Zero 3 (japan) - Very minor scratches. Working - $60

standard japan Saturn games:

Dracula X: Noctourne In The Moonlight (aka Castlevania: Symphony of the Night) - very very minor scratches. Working - $20
Destruction Derby - missing jewel case. average scratches. working - $5

US Saturn games:

Fighters Megamix: Disc only. minor scratches. Working - $5
Die Hard Arcade: Disc Only. minor scratches. working - $5
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo: Disc Only. minor scratches. working - $5
Street Fighter Alpha 1: Disc only. minor scratches. working - $5
Street Fighter Alpha 2: Disc only. average scratches. working - $5
Sega Saturn Netlink web browser Disc, version 2: lots of scratches. working - $1

Dreamcast Accessories:

DC Pelican 4x Memory Card: has a cable port t o plug the card into your pc to archive saves (cable not included) - $5

Dreamcast Japan:

Capcom VS SNK 1: Missing jewel case. minor scratches - $5
Super Street Fighter 2 X: Missing jewel case. minor scratches - $30
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike: Missing jewel case. average scratches - $15
Guilty Gear X: Missing jewel case. average scratches - $5
Marvel Vs capcom 2: missing jewel case. lots of scratches - $10
Blue Stinger: missing jewel case. minor scratches - $4
Power Stone: missing jewel case. minor scratches - $5
Sega Rally 2: missing jewel case. average scratches - $5
Star Gladiator 2: minor scratches - $20

Dreamcast US:

Grandia 2: great condition - $10
NFL 2k: minor scratches - $2
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: above average scratches - $3
Trickstyle: average scratches - $2
UFC: no scratches - $10
Shenmue: no scratches - $20
Virtua Tennis: no scratches - $5
Sonic Adventure: Heavy Scratches - $5

Playstation 1:

Dead Or Alive: missing jewel case, missing manual. minor scratches - $5
Street Fighter Alpha 3: missing jewel case, missing manual. minor scratches - $10
Castlevania Chronicles: no scratches - $40
Street Fighter Zero 3 (japan) - large crack in the front of the case. minor scratches - $15

**Gameboy Advance: **

Mario kart Advance (japan): comes with box, all inserts. excellent condition. works on any region gba. - $10

xbox 360 (all in excellent shape):

Lost Odyssey - $40
The Orange Box - $40
Gears of War - $20
Burnout Paradise - $40
Rainbow Six Vegas: no manual - $15
Ridge Racer 6 - $10
Bioshock - $25
Condemned - $10

Nintendo DS (all in excellent shape):

Bleach DS (import, works on any DS) - $10
Planet Puzzle League - $15


Gamecube 2nd gen Platinum console (has the extra port for component cables), 1st party memory card and broadband adapter included. original box, packaging, and instructions inlucded. controller missing - $40

Resident evil 4 (NOT players choice edition) $15

**neogeo pocket color: **

Metal Slug 1st Mission: cart only - $4
King Of Fighters R2: includes plastic case - $5


Final Fantasy 8: no box, EXCELLENT SHAPE - $20



Added final fantasy 8 PC

Added Pictures to about half or so of the items for sale. what you see in the pics is what you get.

fixed description for resident evil 4. it originally said it was the players choice version, but it actually is NOT


ADDED: DC Pelican 4x Memory Card



  1. vampire Savior SAT - $25
  2. Fighters Megamix - $5
  3. Die Hard Arcade - $5
  4. puzzle fighter SAT - $5
  5. Marvel vs SF - $30
  6. CVS1 DC - $5
  7. Star Gladiator 2 DC - $20
    shipping - pending

Total pending

i would like gears of war for 20. bucks…

and how bad are the scratches on marvel vs capcom 2 japan??? huh…?

also is a money order okay??

hmm. its got a alot of small scratches. disc got used a lot, obviously. i can have a friend test it thoroughly to make sure it still functions 100%. last time i remember, i never had issues with the game.

ill take money order. i prefer paypal. or direct transfers via BofA online banking. but i will allow it

Castlevania Chronicles is complete right?

For Sonic Adventure, will the heavy scratches result in it skip reading the disc at times? :3

Dibs on Mario Kart DS and Banjo Tooie.

ephidel: its possible. its hard to tell if the scratches are severe or not. they all could be surface scratches that a buffering machine couldnt fix… but im not sure. i will try to borrow a friends DC to test, i was actually suprised at how scratched it was since it had its own case, the whole time.

in the meantime, i will try and get pics up for some of the items later tonight.

kryptic and evilsamurai: pm sent

PM sent. :smile:

pm sent back sir

Money sent, thx a bunch!

list updated. read edit notes at the bottom, thanks!

Ill take Street fighter collection 2 pm sent

I’ll take the

Vampire Savior w/4 mb cart
Fighters megamix
Die Hard Acade
Super Puzzle fighter 2 Turbo

Star Gladiator 2

If KrypticMind doesn’t come through
Banjo Tooie

just a reminder guys, I can ONLY ship out on saturdays, due to my hectic weekday work schedule. So if you are wanting your stuff shipped tomorrow, I need payment TODAY. so please PM me.

also, when sending money through paypal, please, in the notes section, provide your SRK name, and if possible, the games you are buying. it makes it a little easier on me for organization.


The Dracula X: Noctourne In The Moonlight comes with case and manual? Can you ship it to Mexico?

Dreamcast Accessories:

Dreamcast 1st pary controller - $5
Gameshark CDX disc/mem card combo, can boot import games. - $7
DC Pelican 4x Memory Card: has a cable port t o plug the card into your pc to archive saves (cable not included) - $5

I’ll take.
pm me where I send payment.

eidrian: right now, im pending payment on dracula x. im in the process of updating my initial post

omega: i will send a pm your way shortly

castlevania chronicles still up for grabs?

well damn, i get a buyer for chronicles and he gets banned for posting illegal shit. shit timing =(


payments received. I will send it out first thing in the morning. thanks guys

kryptic, etotheng, and ephidel:

sorry for the delay in response, but i did infact ship out your items saturday morning. all of you should get it probably by tuesday.

when i get more time later today, i will grab the tracking numbers and give them to you guys via pm