WTS: random stuff bundle. $25 + $5 shipping, w/neutrik, sanwa

Cleaning out stuff and want to sale this all together.

2 spools of 22 gauge stranded wire. Majority of it is left. colors are red and white
2 cables for playstation not sure which. A friend left them to me
2 neutrik adapters never used NE8FDP-B and NE8FDP
1 happ control. white baseball bat, never opened
4 standard buttons, black, I can’t remember if they are seimitsu or Sanwa, don’t ask. never used
4 small buttons, 3 yellow 1 black, I can’t remember the brand either, sanwa and seimitsu
2 dust washers
quick disconnects and sleeves
1 GBA m3 adapter.
1 small button plug
1 dvi to hdmi cable, make 3 meters. never opened.

thanks for your time. looking to sell it all as one package.

Those are Seimitsu buttons, or so it would seem. They coulld be knockoffs… But the switches definitely look like Seimitsu.


they are definately not knockoffs as these buttons are from lizard lick. I just am clearnig out and sellng off stuff. thanks :slight_smile:

Then they’re Seis, no question. Sanwa switches look different than that.

Please delete thread. Throwing this stuff in the trash. Shipped it out to buyer who backed out after opening package and deciding it wasn’t the right items. Douche bags.

If ur gonna junk it, I’ll give u $15 shipped for it all?