wts random stuff


A happ p360 stick with agetec pcb in it i want 100shipped the 5v goes out once and a while but easily fixed missing bottom…


a go stick it has a il joystick with hard spring and a ps1 pcb 50 shipped

I have a street fighter anniversary case that i want to get rid of its been spray painted black i’ll let it go for $50 shipped it has start button on the side…

an agetec pcb with out the wire harnesses i’ll do $15 shipped.

I have an unopened pocket fighter for the psx 15.00 Shipped

a agetec shell thats painted green for $20. it kinda banged up…

a hacked sony ps1 controller and two ps mad catz one red and the other green…asking 15.00 shipped each…

and a couple of tekken 5 cases one is somewhat modded with sanwa buttons and a sanwa stick in it something is off with the joystick though… 45 shipped

one that i started to mod but gave up 45 shipped (pending)

all is o.b.o(

Stuff i want…

I want a good happ p360

a Toodles Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board assembled

king of fighters 12 ps3

A red octane case


i can take that agetec and tekken 5 with sanwa with buttons off u and the madcatz are they for xbox 360 or ps1 let me know


Interested in the other T5 stick (the one you gave up on). Once pics go up, I’ll pm you =)


pics up


have sent pm


Those T5 sticks you gave up on…, the pcb’s, the buttons and everything is all there right? If they were put back together, they would work fine?


I am interested in this enough to bump


something is wrong with the sanwa stick


Ok. But the pcb is ok?


YEAH its fine


Sorry to be a dick, but I just wanna be certain of what I am getting. Ok, that $45 case… It comes with all the the screws and all of that right? Don’t really care about the buttons and stick because I will change them. But having all the screws and a working pcb is very important.


yeah i have all the screws and the pcb works




Ok dude. Last question… I promise lol.

I see you have the same picture under the $55 stick as you do under the $45 stick. I want the stick that does NOT have the extra green button on the side. Is that the $45 one? If so, send me your paypal info and I will send you the cash.


dont bother with this dude, i have pm him twice and post here, he doesnt reply back! what waste of time.


Are you talking about me or are you talking about him?

If you are talking about me, I don’t ever remember doing business with you.

If you are talking about him, we just set up for me to buy the stick.

Either way, I’d say you are incorrect.


Not u but the Op. For u he has responded by not for me. Not one word.


new stuff


That last T5 stick is sold by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:


price drop